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tattoo aftercare

Why aftercare matters.

A tattoo is more than just a piece of art and a way to assert your personal style. It’s a medical procedure, because the artist uses a needle to insert the ink underneath your skin. Any time you open the skin, you leave yourself vulnerable to scarring and infections.

Caring for your tattoo can prevent these complications and ensure that it heals properly. Both you and your artist play equal roles in this process. Along with going to a licensed and reputable tattoo artist, you need to take care of your new tattoo at home.

Keep reading for a day-by-day guide to help you care for your tattoo, tips on which products to use, and more.


Tattoo After Care

  • Once your tattoo has been wrapped at the end of your appointment please remove the cling film within one hour and clean immediately of that appointment.

  • Rinse Your tattoo with warm water after unwrapping, then gently pat dry with a CLEAN towel. DO NOT USE SOAP OR SCRUB IT.

  • Your tattoo may scab, DO NOT PICK IT, Allow it to heal which may take around  two weeks.

  • Moisturise twice a day but do not make it too wet. Thin even coats will do it. Use coconut oil or cocoa butter but DO NOT USE VASELINE OR BEPANTHEM.

  • Bath and shower as normal but do not over soak.

  • Avoid exposing to the sun until it is fully healed. Use sunblock if you are exposed to the sun.

  • Try to keep it open to the air and do not cover it.